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Railway Transportation:

Railway transportation is a type of service that enables companies to transport heavy and voluminous loads domestically and internationally without incurring high costs. The transportation of goods and people has been a fundamental aspect of railway transportation. It is one of the most economical forms of transportation and is considered a key transportation model in our country, where Çinko Türk stands out among railway transportation companies.

Types of Wagons Used in Railway Transportation:

Wagons are specifically designed for railway transportation. The wagon system in both freight and passenger trains is nearly identical. Wagons are interconnected and pulled by a locomotive. Unlike wagons, locomotives do not have motors, and the locomotive stops at the front, pulling all the connected wagons. Wagons can be used for various purposes and can transport a wide range of products, including food materials, construction machinery, and household goods. The choice of wagons depends on the type and weight of the transported cargo.

With its reliability, minimized dependence on human factors and thus reduced error risk, competitive costs, advantages along the route, and environmentally friendly solutions, railway transportation has gained increasing attention as a transportation model in recent times.

The speed capacities of vehicles used in railway transportation correspond parallel to the type and nature of the provided transportation service. Nowadays, the significance of railway transportation is recognized both financially and spiritually, including international import and export shipments.

The transfer of underground resources such as coal and iron, as well as agricultural and forest products, is often carried out through railway transportation. It offers significant cost advantages for both its environmental friendliness and long-distance transportation needs. Due to its suitability for mass transportation, it also reduces congestion caused by other transportation types, such as the burden of traffic on highways.

Considering the challenging conditions that land transportation faces in adverse weather, railways have become more suitable for transporting not only specific loads but all types of loads.

Advantages of Railway Transportation:

There are several advantages of railway transportation for both the sender and receiver of goods. Some of these advantages include:

Environmentally friendly transportation compared to other modes of transportation. It is safer than other transportation methods. Alleviates road traffic burdens. Provides transit superiority due to its preference as a transportation mode in national and international crossings, where there are restrictions on road traffic. Although transit times are slightly longer compared to road transportation, travel times remain consistent. The most suitable transportation type for heavy-tonnage and oversized loads. Typically, there is a long-term fixed price guarantee compared to other transportation alternatives. Facilitates speed and time savings in customs procedures. Various cargo can be transported smoothly and without damage using closed and open transportation methods through railway transportation. Your cargo is delivered to you in the shortest possible time without exposure to highway traffic. What Can Be Transported with Railway Transportation?

Many products such as animal products, food materials, construction products, household items can be transported. In short, various live or inanimate products can be transported appropriately based on the type of wagon. Railway transportation offers the possibility of simultaneously transporting multiple types of cargo.

Types of Railway Transportation:

Container Transportation Freight Wagon Transportation Petroleum and Liquid Transportation Automotive Transportation Grain Transportation Chemical Transportation Coal Transportation

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